NS PRO Professional Edition Gives Professional Extractors The Ultimate, Reliable, consistent Industrial Tool Machine…


NS Pro PROFESSIONAL EDITION The NS Pro Heat Extraction System gives Professional Extractors the alchemist the rugged, reliable, consistent industrial tool needed for large volume extractions with a demanding schedule. NS’s precise methodology, specific bag sizes, and accurate pressure reading gives the user consistent results every time. Extracts up to 84 Grams of material each smash. NS “Process Made Simple”
The NS PRO Key Features include the following; Pneumatic controlled pressure, Precise joystick control with adjustable limit and relief valves in and out and or manual handle control, Top and bottom plates are individually controlled, Extraction Plates are installed with machined alignment assemblies fully adjustable on both sides of the lower plate. These assemblies allow perfect alignment every time.
Made out of Solid Structural Steel and 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Large 7″ x 10″ Smash Plates, Accurate pressure gauge for consistent extractions, Online Calculator Tool, NS App with TerpFiles, Timer, Yield Calculator, and more, Six Heating Elements (160W ea), Accurate Dual Digital Temperature Control, 20 Tons of manually controlled pressure, LED Lights, Cool down fan, Circuit Protection, Fast Retract Plate Release, and Manual Pump Arm.

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