NS Master Bundle: 13 Packs of Bags, Silicone Mat and Jar, Magnet, Cone Packer, Collection Plate, Decarb Capsule, 2 Pre…


NS Uses NS’s proprietary NS press extraction Methodology. Using proper surface area for a consistent extraction every time. Our bags hold between 2 and 18 grams and give a consistent surface area if used properly (BTS) Bottle Tech Style the results simply made results from cured flower every time. Remember “Fire in Fire Out” The or any machine will not turn dirt into gold.
Ease of use The NS if used properly, will give you some of the best results ever. We suggest that you watch some of our NS Videos on NS’s social media channels. Review the owner’s manual and give us a call or chat NS with any questions, our customer service team at our AZ factory is always available and willing to help answer any questions you may have.
Hardware in addition to the Fully adjustable Temperature settings with the Accurate Digital Temperature Control and the ease of use you will get started right out of the box with the NS OG. You will enjoy the large 4 inch deep by 4 inch wide heat press plates they have one 160 watt heater in each giving fast even plate heating for your own results in the lab or at home. NS has a removable power cord and handle for storage and travel.

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