Hookah Set Portable Modern Acrylic Hookah with Handle Silicone Hookah Bowl Rubber Hookah Hose Coal Tongs Stainless Steel…


【Luxury Hookah Set with Everything】: Sturdy square hookah with virtually unbreakable glass tank, washable hookah hose, silicone hookah bowl, pair of tongs, stainless steel stem, diffuser and all rubber seals are included.
【Upgrade Square Hookah】: Modern compact hookah made of plexiglass, stainless steel and anodized aluminum. Glass tank designed with a handhold function, that makes your hookah mobile very easy and security. Extraordinary minimalistic magnetic connection design for easily assemble/disassemble, easy to pull and get thick cloud. It is also easy to clean-push the aluminum plate in a flat direction first to dissolve the attraction of the magnet, and wash it with running water.
【EASY SETUP, EASY CLEAN】: The magnet makes the assembly work very simple, and there will be no misoperation. When you need to clean the hookah, you only need to push the aluminum pad in a flat direction first to dissolve the attraction of the magnet. You can easily take out the metal part. The large mouth on the top of the acrylic allows you to easily complete the cleaning work. And let it dry quickly. All other parts can be washed directly.