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Marijuana Mortgages in California? Yes, They Are a Thing. — Cannabis Law Group’s Medical Marijuana Legal Blog — January 28, 2022

[ad_1] As legal recreational marijuana businesses continue to put roots in communities throughout California, employees and owners of these companies are increasingly looking to buy homes. But can they qualify? Los Angeles cannabis business lawyers can explain that residential mortgage for marijuana business owners may not be as tricky as commercial loans or rental agreements […]

California Marijuana Businesses To Be Bolstered By $100 Million in State Funds

[ad_1] The state has issued $100 million in funding assistance to help bolster legal marijuana businesses in California, an effort aimed to speed up license permitting in areas where it’s stalled. The Department of Cannabis Control, managed by state officials, designated the funds be sent to 17 cities and counties where there are a disparate […]

California Marijuana Laws Entangling Tech Companies — Cannabis Law Group’s Medical Marijuana Legal Blog — January 10, 2022

[ad_1] Our Los Angeles marijuana business lawyers know it’s not only companies selling cannabis that are being caught up in the regulatory quagmire of state and federal marijuana laws. In recent months, there have been numerous reports of technology software companies servicing the cannabis industry facing financial consequences for that partnership. Firms have been dumped […]

Bills Advance Allowing Smokable Hemp and Medical Marijuana in Hospitals — Cannabis Law Group’s Medical Marijuana Legal Blog — September 15, 2021

[ad_1] Our California cannabis business attorneys know this is a field that this is an area of law that is constantly evolving. Case-in-point, two bills that could have a significant impact were advanced. One involves a bill now on the governor’s desk that allows for sales of hemp-derived CBD and ending prohibition on sales of […]

Medical Cannabis Now Legal in California Health Care Facilities — Cannabis Law Group’s Medical Marijuana Legal Blog — October 5, 2021

[ad_1] California hospital facilities will be allowed to use medical cannabis for terminally ill patients. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law the Compassionate Access to Medical Cannabis Act, or Ryan’s Law – remarkable for the fact that he vetoed a similar measure in 2019 due to conflict with federal law. At the time, Newsom said […]

California Cannabis Company Wins Industry’s First Anti-Trust Case — Cannabis Law Group’s Medical Marijuana Legal Blog — October 14, 2021

[ad_1] The cannabis industry’s first anti-trust case to reach trial was decided in favor of pot shop owners who alleged they’d been illegally edged out of the market by a would-be competitor’s unfair business practices. Jurors awarded $5 million (tripled to $15 million under the Cartwright Act) plus attorney’s fees. In Richmond Compassionate Care Collective […]

California Cannabis Company Sues State Regulators Over High Taxes, Illicit Market

[ad_1] A licensed California cannabis company owner has filed a civil lawsuit against the state’s Department of Cannabis Control alleging that outrageously high taxes on lawful distributors and lack of enforcement against illegal operations has made the industry untenable for those trying to do it by-the-book. As it stands, the state’s excise tax on cannabis […]

L.A. Marijuana Lawyer on Cannabis, Crypto and the Courtroom — Cannabis Law Group’s Medical Marijuana Legal Blog — November 5, 2021

[ad_1] An agricultural research and commercial hemp company is attempting to bankroll a civil lawsuit against the state of California through crowdfunding, asking investors to purchase cryptocurrency. The lawsuit alleges state officials unlawfully destroyed more than $1 billion of the hemp crop belonging to Apothio LLC in 2019. As reported by Reuters, this approach breaks […]

Cannabis Trademark Litigation Leaves Candy Companies With a Bitter Taste — Cannabis Law Group’s Medical Marijuana Legal Blog — November 20, 2021

[ad_1] Allegations of candy company trademark violations by cannabis companies are leaving sweets makers bitter. Manufacturers of confections are imploring producers of cannabis edibles to avoid creating labels that may closely mirror popular snack and treat products. One of the major concerns, companies say, is that kids might mistake certain cannabis edibles for well-known and […]

Fighting California Cannabis License Revocation Lawsuit — Cannabis Law Group’s Medical Marijuana Legal Blog — November 29, 2021

[ad_1] Revocation of a cannabis license can prove fatal to a marijuana business, unless one takes swift and decisive legal action. All legal remedies should be discussed with an experienced and highly qualified L.A. cannabis business lawyer. Recently, it was announced that a marijuana dispensary has filed a lawsuit against the city of South Lake […]
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