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Bridging the Gap Between Cannabis Breeding and Genetics

[ad_1] The widespread legalization of cannabis and cannabis breeding has caused an explosion of varying tastes. Landrace cannabis has forcefully evolved from singular terpene profiles into the most diverse selection of smells and flavors of any plant in the world. This change has been brought about by old-time breeders and new-school tinkerers. There was a […]

Super Skunk Strain >> Effects, Origin, Yield, & More!

[ad_1] At ILGM we want everybody to become a master marijuana grower! Unfortunately, it’s not legal to grow marijuana in all states. We don’t want anyone to break the law and advise to review your local cannabis legislation. ILGM cannot advise on legal matters. Stay safe! The Super Skunk Strain is known globally for its […]

Marathon OG Strain Information and Review

[ad_1] Newly formulated and engineered strains are getting created all the time. It takes something special to make one stand out as legendary, and that’s exactly what the Marathon OG strain is. Undoubtedly the Marathon OG weed strain is legendary for its ability to deliver a world-renowned high; however, there’s more to it than that.  […]

Eradicating PPN with Soil Solarization

[ad_1] Nematodes. More specifically, plant parasitic nematodes, a.k.a. bad nematodes. They’re a common and frustrating problem for home gardens that, unfortunately, can ruin everything you’re growing. The easiest tell-tale sign of this problem can be seen in the roots of your plants, especially if you’re growing a root crop like carrots. PPN feed on the […]

The Dark Side of your Supermarket’s Produce Department

[ad_1] When shopping the produce aisles at your local megachain grocery store it’s hard not to be impressed with the apples so red and the oranges so orange. Zucchini and eggplants are large and unblemished, and the selection seems to go on forever. Everything looks fresh and healthy and the occasional spritz from a mister […]