What Are Moonrocks? Everything You Need to Know


Moonrocks are a popular novelty on the cannabis market and are especially strong in their effect. They contain various cannabis components, which are particularly effective. Perhaps most notably, Moonrocks are among the most expensive and strongest products in the cannabis sector. Why? Read on to learn everything important about this topic in this article.

Moonrocks briefly explained

Moonrocks are a cannabis type that mixes kief, dabs, and plants. They were invented to create a particularly THC-rich (or CBD-rich) product. However, caution is advised here as well. Not all suppliers use high-quality kief, extracts, and botanicals. Many moonrocks on the market today contain low-quality flower material. For producers, moonrocks are a very good way to process flowers that would otherwise not be purchased by many. In this product, the plant material can be hidden very well with the addition of wax and kief. So the buds are not visible here, unlike Sunrocks. Nevertheless, by no means are all Moonrock products inferior. In fact, there are equally high-quality products offered, which however also come with a certain price tag.

The potency of Moonrocks

Of course, the potency of a moonrock depends largely on the quality of the product. However, Moonrock products basically have a very high THC content of about 50% – or approximately 30% more than normal buds. But for Moonrocks, it is not only the THC content that is crucial. The terpenes contained in cannabis are even more important. A terpene content of 5% would already be in the very high range, but for moonrocks, this is just average.

The production of Moonrocks

In the production of Moonrock products, the buds are sprinkled with an extract and then rolled in kief. The final product thus contains a lot of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Moonrock products are consumed in a variety of ways, either by rolling them in a joint, in a vape, in a pipe or bong. Since moonrocks are made up of a kief and extract layer, some material can always stick to the fingers, which is the reason why many consumers resort to a bong when consuming moonrocks. Here, material from a moonrock is often used as a head topper rather than filling the entire pot with it. The reason: the wax contained in the moonrock melts and if no material is mixed with it, it drips down the chillum of the bong. This makes subsequent cleaning more difficult. When a moonrock is rolled in a joint or blunt, it is previously broken into small pieces and mixed with crushed buds.

What are extracts?

In an extract and concentrate, the trichomes that contain the cannabinoids and terpenes are isolated and used for consumption without any plant material. Depending on the texture and consistency, extracts and concentrates can differ from each other. Popular and common ones include shatter, cumble, budde, raisin, and hashish.

Advantages and disadvantages of Moonrock

The points listed here do not constitute a recommendation for purchase or consumption. When comparing the pros and cons of Moonrocks, first of all, as with all other products, it can be said that this form of cannabis is better tolerated by some people than others.

What are the advantages of Moonrock?

  • High potency for those who want a THC-rich product.
  • Even a small amount is enough for a strong effect
  • A novel product on the market, but not legal everywhere

What is wrong with Moonrock?

  • Potentially dangerous to novice smokers, as the effect is much stronger than normal buds
  • They need to be processed manually, as they cannot be crushed in a grinder due to the sticky extraction layer
  • They must be stored in a cool place, otherwise the extraction layer will melt

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