Mentorship Program For BIPOC Cannabis Entrepreneurs, Social Equity Applicants Now Taking Applications


Our Academy, a digitally native 501(c)(3) nonprofit “precelerator” mentorship program for independent, BIPOC cannabis entrepreneurs and social equity applicants across the U.S., is launching a new cohort on February 15.

People interested in either joining the program or becoming a mentor can apply thru January 30.

“This industry can be predatory and infighting is unfortunately all-too-common when competition is this fierce. Our Dream and Our Academy strive to rise above the fold and create an ecosystem that supports the equity community and promotes collaboration over competition,” said Hilary Yu, Our Academy co-founder. “Seeing the long-term success of the community we’ve created and the founders that are now launching their brands in dispensaries, receiving licenses, and have continued working together is truly amazing.”

Who Can Become A Mentor?

Our Academy is looking for mentors who have transitioned from the legacy market and have operationalized a compliant license for two or more years.

The organization is also looking for cannabis executives and management teams who have raised institutional capital in the past three years.

Applications for pro bono ancillary service consultants (attorneys, accountants, compliance consultants, marketing and branding consultants, etc) are also welcome to support the upcoming 2022 cohort.

A Proven Track Record

A few success stories from the last cohort include:

  • Tess Melody Taylor, Chief Executive Cowgirl, launched Dose of Saucy, an infused condiment.
  • Timo Espinoza launched 4Geez via his own distribution license out of Humboldt, CA, in all Stiizy locations and is currently selling in 18 dispensaries.
  • Tiana Woodruff, equity applicant in L.A. and founder of Queen Mary. Launched 2 gummies SKUs in 9 dispensaries.
  • Miko Banks, social equity license holder and founder of Resziin Farms, received a license to build an operational cannabis campus, cultivation facility and co-packing business on her own land in Sacramento, CA.
  • Morris Kelly, founder of SF Roots, San Francisco’s first equity brand, is currently in 54+ dispensaries throughout California.
  • Tre Hobbs, based in Detroit, MI, is the founder of Neighborhood Essentials, a flower, pre-roll and clothing brand in CA and MI that has committed partial proceeds to educational and food 
security programs in Detroit.
  • Nate Bowles, equity applicant in Long Beach and founder of Good Smoke, a flower and pre-roll
brand that has committed to giving back to the community.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Emily Meshell at 318-564-8195 or [email protected].

Photo: Our Academy Website.

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