His Majesty’s Earthstrong on Reggae Lane 2022


Why do I ask friends to meet me on Reggae Lane on the 23rd July, His Majesty’s earthstrong?

Unfortunately, our community allows urination before His presence.  The stench is pretty strong all of the summer

His countenance is on that wall in that parking lot

I took it personally

The stale pee was happening because I allowed it I believed

I literally have no clout to make anyone wash that parking lot at night after the crack heads and whores urinate and defecate there

I have no ability to compassionately aid any of these street people using the parking lot and the laneway as a toilet either

Then I remembered to trust in H. I. M., so I asked friends to join me in the past couple of years on Reggae Lane on his earthstrong on the 23rd

Since then, there has been a Sunday Farmers Market that came along and also a popular photo op space for Toronto Mayor Tory at least four times last summer, so Reggae Lane is getting some shine

My strategy was to increase the traffic through the popularity of Reggae Lane and the more people notice it, cleaning the stench would become a greater priority

It is my opinion, based on results to date; the wrong people have been around reggae music in Canada for way too long.  None of them ovastood the importance of its contribution to the spiritual energy of humanity and to demand better based on said talents
We get honored on Reggae Lane but we are NEVER fiscally compensated.  “They” will always give black people awards, plaques, street and park names but they ain’t ever paying niggaz to do what we live.  What we know.  What they copy and profit from!

Our culture



These are the deep core of reggae people

Through the guidance of H. I. M., we will elevate the reggae community globally

We are RasTafari and RasTafari conscious people, bringing integrity, honor and truth to our community in the must humble way

We will meet again this year to celebrate The King, Saturday, 23rd July, 2022

Jah willing

{Click on photos to expand, of past event in 2021}

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