Trulieve TruSTIK Vaporizer is to be used with TruPOD cartridges. The TruSTIK is composed of two parts: the TruPOD cartridge and the battery.

The TruPOD is a pure cannabis oil extract that has no added cutting ingredients. The effects of the TruPODS are certainly stronger, faster and target more intense symptoms than products that are not as concentrated.

The TruPOD cartridge connects to the battery through magnetic retention which allows for easy assembly and does not require patient to have to twist or screw on cartridge.

Patients can easily control dosing with each inhalation. This device allows the patient to take as long of a pull as desired without deactivating. This gives patients more control over the amount of medicine consumed.

If you are interested in trying Trulieve TruSTIK and TruPODS, consider the following strains:

Trulieve Sunshine Cannabis Sunshine Kush

Trulieve Gainesville Green

Trulieve Jack Herer

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