Trulieve Cannabis Capsules are a preferred method of administration for many medical cannabis patients. It may take up to an hour or so for the capsules to start taking effect, but it is a long-lasting effect.

This is an effective method of pain relief because patients can take one capsule and not have to administer medication for several hours. This is ideal for patients who don’t want to fuss with devices or ingesting cannabis more frequently.

Patients often report that the 50 mg. capsules, logically, have a more intense effect than the 10 mg. capsules. If you are a new medical cannabis patient, start out with the smaller dosage until your system is more acclimated to cannabis.

Some of the capsule strains available:

Trulieve Chemdawg

Trulieve 9 lb. Hammer

Trulieve Sour Diesel

Trulieve CBD Remedy

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