Canadian Retail Cannabis Sales Increased 36% In November To $354M


Statistics Canada released a November retail sales report on Friday, confirming that while cannabis sales had decreased in October by 2.9% to C$353.7 million, sales were up 36.3% from a year ago, reported New Cannabis Ventures.

“COVID lockdowns have been weighing on retail sales, while an increase in the number of stores, as well as falling flower prices that bring consumers from the illicit market, have been boosting sales. In Ontario, the largest province in population, sales were up 2% from October and 83% from a year ago, reflecting the increase in the number of stores. Alberta, which is the second-largest province, was down 7% from October and up 9% from a year ago. Quebec was down 7%, while British Columbia was down 5% from October as it advanced 31% from a year ago,” said Alan Brochstein.

Monthly sales in selected Canadian cities were as follows:

Toronto: CA$51.3 million (+3.7%)
Montreal: CA$25.8 (-5.1%)
Edmonton, Alberta: CA$20.2 million (-6.8%)
Calgary, Alberta: CA$16.5 million (-5.5%)
Vancouver, British Columbia: CA$16.2 million (-2.7%)
Ottawa, Ontario: CA$15.2 million (+4.7%)
Winnipeg, Manitoba: CA$8.8 million (-5.8%)
Quebec City: CA$5.5 million (-7.9%)
Gatineau, Quebec: CA$1.7 million (-6.7%) 

Photo Via El Planteo. 

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