Grateful for the presence of Chief Richard Currie


Grateful for the presence of Chief Currie, the leader of the Maroons

He has the thing I find so endearing about Jamaica and Jamaicans

Mandingo spirit

That’s what I call it

Maroons are not Jamaicans

Jamaicans are not Jamaicans

Wi different

We are something else

“Jamaicans” is a small description of who we are

That’s how I describe myself based on geography yet historically we are so much more

Cyaa tame

Cyaa cool, cyaa quench

Three Finger Jack had the same spirit; so much so, I wrote a short story about him as his essence inspired me as a youth at Vaz Prep to Wolmers, right through to my adult life

Queen Nanny and the Maroons show all humans about a commitment to love, harmony, peace, balance and a refusal to accept abuse by the colony

The colony

They will forever believe it is their right to abuse niggaz

This is a fact.  I have lived it for close to 500 years now and counting.  I feel all 500 years!

Chief Richard Currie gives I hope as the world of abusers call on the Maroons to defend us once again… from them.  But the Maroons aren’t alone.  The path of balance, truth and integrity is still the path to be sought, even if babylon has their agenda, as they normally do, which has nothing to do with the benefit to niggaz

They use the current Prime Minstrel to do what all Jamaican prime minstrels have ever done.  Aid the colony to abuse their fellow Jamaicans

No Jamaican leader who murders Jamaicans, directly or indirectly can be considered a hero to me.  Ever!

For lack of a better description, Maroons are indigenous Jamaicans, with recorded history of being on the island before Columbus (the Portuguese} and the Spaniards ever arrived there.  Our ancestors “discovered” this island and many more in the Caribbean and the United States sailing from Africa centuries before Europeans

The Maroons will not comply

It does not matter the name of the minstrel in charge, the job remains the same

Attack the Maroons and Cockpit country

They are aggressively attacking Cockpit Country with the aid of the minstrel

We read the history books too

We see the patterns

We know the abuse

We have always lived it

Chief Richard Currie is a loving man as all great leaders are

“You cannot give a free mind freedom” it feels like he is saying

I say feel cause I don’t know much so I use feel to guide my choices or opinions

The revelations in RasTafari, reggae music, Chief Currie and the Maroons, come through love and truth.   Love of self as a person, as a people, as well as future generations of our children whom we love. This common thread runs through generations of humans, at home and abroad

Wi nuh normal

Nice interview with Yendi

IG contact to Chief Richard Currie

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