Trulieve has introduced TruNano Technology TruNano Ratio Tinctures.

According to Trulieve, “Nanoemulsions are smaller, water-soluable particles that breakdown quickly and absorb into the bloodstream faster. This means increased bioavailability using far less product. Nanoemulsion partciles are small enough to bypass the tissue layers and more easily enter the bloodstream meanng bioavailability is increased to more than 90%.”

Trulieve cites that “traditional THC extracts are unable to easily enter the blood stream due to their size and lack of water solubility.”

The TruNano Tinctures are currently available in 250 mg. with a ratio of 1:8 (CBD, THC) or 8:1 (CBD, THC).

For more information, consult your local Trulieve dispensary.

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