Shatter Box Enail will Revolutionize Your Concentrate Consumption


Since concentrates have come along, so have all of the devices to consume them. Until recently we were using a torch to heat up a quartz banger to vaporize the concentrate such as Trulieve’s TruCRMBL or TruShatter. Using this method worked but often with widely varying results. This is where the Shatter Box Enail came into the picture.

The Shatter Box Enail is an electronic nail that is designed and built in Atlantic Beach Florida. What is an electronic nail? Glad you asked, it’s a device that heats a coil, or “nail” to a consistent temperature. This is done so the concentrate is always vaped at the same temperature.

After spending countless time wasted with dabs that were too hot and burnt the lungs, or dabs too cold that wasted oil, we decided to give the Shatter Box Enail a try. Specificially, we went with the Shatter Box Enail Mini Controller. A picture of the device can be seen below.

Shatter Box Enail Mini Controller with Heating Coil

After receiving the tracking number, it was delivered shortly after. Upon initial inspection it is clear that this is a very well designed and built device. It comes with simple to follow and clear to read instructions. This is the very first time setting up an electronic nail of any sort and it couldn’t have been easier. The instructions even provide recommended vaping ranges.

After turning the device on and connecting everything to our oil rig and provided 30mm scoop, it was time to try it out. For the trial run we used some Trulieve TruCRMBL and set it at 580 degrees. The temperature climbed quick and steady until reaching the pre set temp. Using the Shatter Box Enail was incredibly easy and we recommend getting one for yourself. Say goodbye to the days of wasted oil, and use a Florida built device that will conserve your medicine and give you the most out of it.

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