Jojo Bennett the Canadian Reggae Lion has passed



Like lots of truly famous people you can call this man by his first name and the fan base knows exactly who we are talking about

The Canadian reggae lion

One of the most loving, giving and influential humans contributing to reggae music in Canada

The Sattalites are legendary

When I received the news yesterday, the first words to my mind was, “the end of an era”

What an amazing ambassador Daddy Jo is!

He is the Canadian reggae flag bearer

Jamaica sent a good one to these shores back in the 60s

It is clear my love for my reggae daddy but what was also clear, was his love for me

He love many around him

You could feel it in his look and his words

One of my many happy stories that came to mind, was he and I going to watch a tribute of some sort at the Danforth Music Hall.  Jason Wilson asked Jo and I to reach as he was part of an ensemble of about 10 – 15 musicians on stage.  Jo and I arrived late as per usual but just in time to see our bwoy Jason walk to the front of the stage, playing a guitar in a kilt, singing a Bob Marley tune.  A kilt I said

Back then, there were still seats in the Hall.  Lights low with a large number of folks in attendance.  Jo and I walked right down to the stage, banged our hands on the floor of the stage and wheeled up the entire band / ensemble

Jason, before restarting, said, “Ladies and gentlemen, Jojo Bennett of the Sattalites” and the place erupted with a long, loud applause.  My chest still swells with pride for that moment shared with him

The end of an era

When the Bamboo closed, I felt like the Sattalites closed too…lol.  Those many nights of rocking to the band on that dance floor, is a memory shared by thousands.    They were rock stars!  There was a time that if you got to the Boo after 11:30pm on a Friday or Saturday when the Sattalites were playing, you would have to be in a line up going along Queen Street, looping around to the parking lot, east of the club and many actually waited to get into the club

He was my friend


Reggae guide

I was once asked, “when are you going to give up on this reggae thing that you do?” And my honest answer was, “When Jojo does”

He still hasn’t given up

He never will


He is still trying to book his next gig… trust me on that

I ovastand those who mourn because we truly loved him yet a big part of me feels joy that we were able to share reggae music with him for a pretty long stretch of time

I am truly blessed that his image is on Reggae Lane where I can still hang out with my big brother

Jojo’s pride in his work is his legacy to all reggae performers and players of instruments in Canada

The standard bearer of reggae music

My idrin

Joseph Bennett

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