It is against the law to trim RasTafari in Jamaica ~ Simon Marcus


It is against the law to trim RasTafari in Jamaica!

Regina vs King

Look it up

Herman “Woody” King was the precedent set when he sued the Jamaican constabulary for beating him up and trimming his locks in the early 60s

The police who trimmed the young lady broke the law!

Privy Council Andrew needs to look up the precedent and charge the cowards {it is cowardice for grown men to beat up a little girl} involved with the disrespect to a human

Four or five grown men held down and cut the hair of a Rastafari sistrin showing the black colonizer is even more abusive than their white master

The behavior is weak

We need the cowardice to be exposed for exactly what it is


Masculine man need to weed out these cowards from among man

Lion time

Lion and the lamb

The lamb within man is the source of compassion that needs to be taught to our sons and daughters.  The lamb is there to protect those unable to defend themselves.  Our children need to be protected by us

No government will ever protect our children

Yes, they are already aware that their behavior is unlawful with the protection of Privy Council Andrew at the helm yet quoting the law to the white colonizer can sometimes put their black lackeys back in their place

One does not need a “law” to instill moral behavior but we are aware that morals aren’t the strong suit of any colonizer, black or white

Always written from feel 


​Reggae For Life meets up with The One, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing legend, Simon Marcus

We encourage the family to train together

Moms, dads, children all together, training to the sounds of reggae music


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