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[POLL CLOSED] The “Album Of The Year” poll is on again. 

It’s time to show support for your favourite artists and albums, and don’t miss the chance to check on the other greats on the shortlist that you might not know yet. Please, take the time to get an overview on all the cool releases from around the world this year, by first going to our list of Reggae And Ska Albums 2020.  

Again, we spent a lot of time collecting and linking the albums for this poll. We went from obscure podcasts to long-running magazines and back. And we are incredibly thankful to the people who provided us with info from far away places. It’s strange to see that in 2020 it is still so hard to get an overview on what the ska/rocksteady/early reggae world has going on around the world and around the generations.



1. Listen

Go to our New Reggae And Ska Albums 2020 list with information about all the albums that are in the poll. If you click on the album titles, in most cases you will land on a website where you can listen to some of the music (and buy it). The links go to pages like bandcamp, spotify, amazon, itunes etc.

2. Vote (only registered users)

Scroll down, either in this post or in the New Reggae And Ska Albums 2020 list.  If you haven’t already, create an account. (Login is easy, via Email). We made it obligatory to log in to take part in our polls to make sure that it’s “one person, one vote”. Please vote your three albums.

3. Share

For any shout-outs after voting, you are welcome to use the comments section. To support the bands and us, please share your votes on your social media.

Deadline for voting is 19:59:00 pm, Sunday, 28 February 2021 (Central European Time).

What albums are on the list?

– new albums by one artist or band
– which means, no compilations, no best ofs and no re-releases
– originally released in 2020
– with music relevant to the Reggae Steady Ska community


Now, if you like, please have a look at the great albums from 2020 and cast your vote:

Our list of Reggae Steady Ska Albums released in 2020.


Next to the public poll, there will be a jury voting on “The Album Of The Year 2020”. Experts from around the world (writers, podcasters, festival promoters, fans etc.) have already given their vote. The results will be made online soon.





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