Spirit, Religion & Science are actually One ~ Muay Thai & Reggae


Spirit, religion, science

Same things

We see the corruption in each and try to disassociate them, depending on our belief biases, and bad mouth each word / belief / discipline / denomination

All of it is spirit


These have been systematically corrupted over time so we override them with public opinion

Many people are spiritually corrupt

The corrupt models insist on how right they are, unable to see blatant flaws and abuses

Zealots in all disciplines

Divide and conquer

An effective tool with the corrupted souls

Spiritual energy let’s you know all disciplines must feel effectively soothing to the soul. If it does not feel this way to millions / billions of souls, you know of its corrupt nature

History confirms this in millions of examples

Some fear them (the decision maker) because history shows that some will pay with their lives

Some know it (feeling) but comply and become spokespersons for the abuser thinking that it might save them

Some have no clue because they literally trust the decision maker/s


“You can’t trust feelings”

With seven billion different finger prints, there may be that many different feelings

This is an individual journey

Stop waiting for the mob to go on a march or a protest

Stand your ground based on how you feel and respect others who may oppose or disagree with you. It is human nature

Learn to communicate respectfully especially in disagreement

Spiritual energy

Allow it to flow through you

You can and will find truth for yourself

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