Album Of The Year 2020 – Public Voting Results


The Results

Thanks everyone for participating in the “Album Of The Year 2020” votings at Reggae Steady Ska. 

Here are the results of the public votings: 

The winner is  Boss Sound Manifesto – Boss 




The second place is split between 

2. Got To Be Tough by Toots & The Maytals (BMG, Warner)


2.  Another Round by The Hacklers (Smith & Miller Records)

Please check the complete results further down. 

Also make sure to take in the results of the jury voting. We had a great jury with members from across the world. Many wrote wonderful texts about their favourite albums from 2020. Find them all here:

Here you can find our 2020 Albums list here and discover some real gems. 



What were your three favorite albums from 2020? (3 votes required)

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