Florida Cannabis Dispensaries are Critical Infrastructure and Will Not Close


We’ve been getting flooded with emails inquiring about the status of Florida’s medical marijuana treatment centers during COVID-19. The number one question is “If we get a shelter in place order will the dispensaries close?” The answer to this question is no, and the reason is just like pharmacies, dispensaries are a part of Florida’s critical infrastructure. The Florida Department of Health and Surgeon General expanded telemedicine to include MMJ renewals, specifically because of the COVID-19 pandemic so patients can continue to receive their medicine.

Critical infrastructure are the basic goods and services that must stay open and available for the residents of the Sunshine State at all times. Rest assured that during the COVID-19 pandemic you will still be able to get your cannabis medicine. This is so crucial for the close to 400,000 medical marijuana patients in Florida. Many were worried the dispensaries might shut down, after all it’s Florida. We aren’t known for being the sharpest state in the union on the issue of medical marijuana, but we got this one right. So did the rest of the country.

Even in recreational states like California, that have strict “shelter in place” orders in effect, cannabis dispensaries are open. This is in stark contrast to package/liquor stores in some areas of the good ol 🇺🇸, where alcohol stores have been closed. The COVID-19 pandemic has show us a clear and unambiguous progression society’s made on cannabis, and its growing acceptance. Now that we know the answer to this very important question, let’s see what changes, if any there have been to the normal operations at the dispensaries. We will take a look at what Trulieve has done with the beautiful graphics below.

Designated Care for Immunocompromised Patients and FREE Delivery for Seniors 65+.

Pick-Up Only Dispensaries

Mobile Hub

Watch the Video with Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers on their COVID-19 Initiatives

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