The fight continues! This goes to a vote Thursday! We must continue to resist the cap on THC. Call your Senators and House of Representative IMMEDIATELY. FIND THEM HERE and Call them to remind them they must oppose HB713, and any other attempt at a cap on THC, because it increases costs with another office visit for patients, and increases their costs on medicine by 2x-9x depending on the product, to get the potency they depend on. Call them every single day and call more than just yours. Find the full list of Florida House of Representatives here.

Remind them if there was a real association of negative effects like the bill sponsor claims, there would be countless cases to point to because we have close to 400,000 patients. Remind them that they will be turning patients and their families into criminals, since it primarily affects minors. This will turn patients to the black market where we know dirty vapes have been killing people.

Tens of thousands of patients will not have the medicine they need and that could be increased symptoms ranging from seizures and tremors to full blown cancer returning.


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