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I am neither helpless nor afraid to speak

I am neither martyr or wannabe hero

I am a regular dude with a skin suit

Like yours

Fully aware of the abuse we have all shared

For centuries now

The abuse is always from our parent

Our elders 

Our churches

Our leaders and governments


It is a constant as we are programmed to take the abuse

We all are

We use abuse to get the things in life that we seek

We give abuse

This is another abusive time in history

We all look back and say, “if I were a slave, I would never…blah blah blah”

We have always been enslaved

They practiced on the black slaves for centuries

They honed their skills

They now enslave the white ones easily

Everyone is a slave now

No matter which side you be on

So well enslaved, most will tell you this is a conspiracy theory

I don’t know anything

I am writing from feel

~ ~ ~

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