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What’s real?

It is real that hundreds of millions of fairly well educated humans do not buy the current narrative and will never willingly comply with these mandates

Many fully aware that this “campaign” feels as abusive as other abusive times in history yet hundreds of millions of very well educated humans buy the current narrative

The abusive hate from both sides is fueling the systemic abusive master

We are all fulfilling our roles in this scenario

In this system, creating distraction is its super power

Seamless distraction

And we glorify in insults to demean the opposing view

Distracted from what?


I don’t know either

The apology comes twenty years from now for much of what is to come

What is currently being unveiled right now… Today

I don’t have a solution

I am expressing thought and feel driven to reason with some who feel what I feel

I don’t know anything

My thoughts are feelings

The science says “yea” and the science says “nay” yet one narrative is being universally forced, witnessed by all the citizens and it continues as if it is the only path

Opposition is not stopping them or even slowing down this narrative / path

Is ‘real’ a necessity in this time?

This must be the real?


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