How to Smoke with Friends During COVID-19


If you’ve attended an outside event during COVID-19 with friends and/or family that regularly use cannabis, it’s probably pretty tempting to want to pass around a pipe, joint, or blunt filled with green goodness (aka dank pot).

Thankfully, there are ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis consumption while staying safe and further prevent the potential virus spreading.

Here are a few ways to smoke and/or consume weed with the people you love:

  • Use Zoom to do a virtual smoke sesh

  • Roll and smoke your own joint or blunt

  • Bring your own weed, grinders, and lighters to a socially distanced sesh

  • Bring your own pipe and bong

  • Blow your smoke away from other people

  • Don’t share munchies food or edibles

We know these may have you saying “aww, man.”

But these types of precautions are for the best. Better safe, than sorry.

What types of safety smoking precautions have you taken during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Let us know in the comments!

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