3 Great Things About Weed


If you’re reading this now, you’re either interested in weed or already know how great it is and want to see what we chose as our top three things. Fair enough.

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years and at this rate, it’ll probably be used for thousands more, which confirms it’s awesomeness. 

Pot has been used for both recreational and medical purposes, which makes weed such an ideal substance. Cannabis seems to have this magical power for both recreational and medical settings and symptoms to help people get the most of out their situations. This has made cannabis legalization truly prohibition 2.0.

3) “When it Hits, You Feel No Pain”

 Not literally, but Bob Marley said this about music, we feel it’s also true with weed.

Whether you’re suffering from physical pain or just going through a tough period, some people use cannabis to help alleviate it. 

People have a lot on their plates right now due to COVID-19 and the Civil unrest due to George Floyd’s death (RIP and respect to his family and the current movement in his honor).

Sometimes life just throws a lot at you and the best way to respond is to spark up and unwind. Unless you’re into edibles or something, then do that. 

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