JuLion’s 13 ~ 2022 Calendar


​The Julian calendar and the Ethiopian are thirteen months

Thirteen is my vibe.  This is the JuLion 13

Promoting love to I community is I n I path

This 2022 calendar is sharing that love

I have noticed that we seem to glorify women from any other country but where we are from, or bigging up those in our friend circles or our families

It may be a protection thing or a programmed behavior but either way, I thought that I would tell loving stories about folks whom I love and who love me, that impact me positively as I impact them also

I decided to do a calendar

Ammoye, Belinda, Uhuru Anderson, Elaine, Filomena, Alyssa, Surani, Nanny Mistik, Marcia, Bella, Lolarose, Sage, Laila, Kiley are some of the ladies that uplift my spirit.  My friends and my daughters

~    ~    ~    ~    ~

Pre-booking options:  Send / Etransfer $20.00 for calendar, $5.00, shipping and handling and mailing address to email below

Sponsor logo placements still available.  Email [email protected] to correspond

1.  Major sponsor back page $1,000.00.  Placement on all pages as well as back page solo (no other logos on the page)… 

2.  Silver sponsor $500.00 for placement on all pages

3.  Bronze $200.00 to be placed randomly through the calendar 

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