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Reggae Apostles

Reggae has no leader

It cannot be corralled or compromised fully

Yes, certain negative messages can be sold to perpetuate the violence in the nature’s of the people.  Those messages are powerful and used for harm, especially in the dancehall.  The power of reggae / dancehall makes the negative message even stronger

They then blame the violence in the music of the dancehall as the reason for crime

“Jamaicans are naturally violent men.  It is their nature”

Yeah, maybe

But maybe not

The other perspective that I see, is the overall energy of reggae music, disrupting the babylon frequency as reggae has pernitrated to the DNA of the global village

“The thing you fight the most, is the thing you fear the most”

One cannot lasso and control the wind

The distraction of trying to say that, “the negative messages in the dancehall escalates crime, so we must stop dancehall.  As a matter of fact, we must lessen the voice of reggae” isn’t working on everyone

Some ovastand the importance of standing ones ground

There is no resistance from me

I’m just playing the music and fulljoying with those who like to sing and dance too

I see a community station like CIUT 89.5FM unceremoniously removing Scabba G off air like his twenty-five {25} years of volunteer service… thousands of hours… wasn’t important… removed

Scabba G is reggae

Thank you Scabba, from me and many in this community who rate you

You are reggae

Not a community station

Reggae needs no leader

It only needs workers.  Those willing to bring the music to the people.  Singers, players of instruments, DJs, keep bringing the reggae fire

There is no resistance.  Resistance becomes the distraction

Focus on the music

Feel the music

Play reggae

Feel Reggae 

~   ~   ~

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