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For the second part of the Royal Gold profile, we wanted to explore a little bit more of the culture and community that makes the company what it is and how that informs the quality control, product development, and overall brand identity. Royal Gold is passionate about creating clean and effective products that allow gardeners to build repeatable programs and stabilize their input regimen for dependable crop planning and execution.

With the rich history of cultivation in Humboldt County, one of Royal Gold’s guiding principles has always been to offer solutions to the challenges growers face every crop cycle. The cultivating community behind the worldwide reputation of Humboldt’s growing greatness is a source of great pride and motivation for the people behind the Royal Gold brand. “The growers we serve are our neighbors, family, and friends. We see our customers at the grocery store, gas station, and dispensary, and rely on those same farmers for our produce, eggs, and flowers. We cannot expect to hold them to higher standards than we hold ourselves to. We try to anticipate the changing needs of our customers before those needs actually change to be ahead of the regulations and testing standards that they are beholden to. We test our products as if they were held to the same standards as the industries our growers cultivate for and do our best to source effective ingredients based on cleanliness, consistency, and sustainability. We are always looking to improve.”

Now employing nearly 100 people, the Royal Gold team boasts a wide array of people and perspectives with the common goal of achieving excellence every day. “The entire team depends on each other to elevate our work environment and production goals. As the demand for Royal Gold products continues to explode, we must work even harder to maintain the expectations of our customers and their plants!”

With the enduring success of their soils, Royal Gold is poised to expand their product offerings to include CDFA and OMRI Listed OIM Fertilizers in the coming months. The Crown Jewels line of dry amendments, approved for organic crop production, will debut with easy-to-use Bloom and Grow formulations. “We anticipate a warm welcome into the amendment market. Combining a blend of micronized and traditional style soil amending ingredients allows for a more controlled and predictable release schedule for the nutrients contained and allows for a wider variety of effective applications.”

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With community and culture being so important to the entire Royal Gold family, it is no surprise they have expanded their efforts to include a podcast highlighting the people that make this industry special and offering a platform to share the stories that have led them down the path to success. Featuring cultivators, brand ambassadors, store Owners, musicians, and many other contributors to the cultivation industry, Royal Grown Radio is quickly growing into a staple of the industry. Episodes run the gamut from farm tours to studio sit-downs, as well as visits to manufacturing facilities and the offices of industry legends. “The goal of the podcast is to share the stories of an industry being built from the shadows of legality to a burgeoning national phenomenon. We want to offer an opportunity for the giants and unknowns to share their stories and inspiration. To allow a conversational platform to discuss where we come from and where we are headed as an industry. We also are very eager to shine a light on musicians that have used cannabis as inspiration and are diversifying their personal and band branding to work with or start their own cannabis brands to share a bit of their inspiration to go along with the music that provides a soundtrack for a diverse community.”

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Hosts Michael Beck and Rick Elliott have worked on the Royal Gold sales team for nearly two decades collectively and have a wide variety of experience and insight across an immense range of the cannabis, cultivation, and hydroponics industries, as well as history in the music industry. Their dynamic offers a unique take on an array of subjects and lends to a relaxed conversational style that puts listeners in the room for some very diverse discussions.

As the industry continues to grow and evolve, Royal Gold is sure to be an important part of pushing the expectation of quality and integrity. There many options for growing mediums and garden products in general, and one thing Royal Gold is passionate about is supporting their peers and the industry at large. “While we feel a great amount of pride and confidence in our products, we ultimately just want to see people succeed. We have no interest in speaking negatively about other brands and products — we encourage everyone to find what works best for them in their unique situation. That is why we design our offerings from the standpoint of building products that function well in a wide variety of applications and settings, and allow cultivators to maximize their techniques and unlock their genetics’ true potential, and allow the results to speak for themselves.”

Keep an eye out for new offerings and ideas from the team at Royal Gold in the coming months and years. They encourage feedback and connection and will be attending a wide variety of industry events and tradeshows in the near future, so be sure to stop by their booth and say hello!

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